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Surbuf R Series

Surbuf® HR9 Series Pads: 9 Hole Cleaning + Vacuuming pads designed specifically for use on random orbit sanders/polishers with hook-and-loop fastening.

  • Exclusive MicroFingers® technology produces a better finish than hand-rubbed.
  • Single step action combines deep cleaning and buffing to save time and provide for a dust free surface and cleaner working environment.
  • Unique patented product with no current known competitors.
Surbuf HR9 Series Pads

Surbuf's HR9 Series cleaning + vacuuming pads should only be used for cleaning or buffing a surface - NOT for applying finishes.

Surbuf HR9 Series pads are available in 6 1/2" size 2 packs. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.

Surbuf® HR9 Series 6 1/2" (9 Hole) / 2 Pack

Surbuf® HR9 Series 6 1/2" (9 Hole) / 2 Pack

Item #: 065HR9


Surbuf's HR9 Series pads with MicroFingers® technology save time and improve finishing results by deep cleaning surfaces and vacuuming dust in one easy step. The hole design works with the vacuum system on random orbital polishers/sanders to clean solid surfaces by trapping dust particles in the vacuum system for a cleaner working environment.

DO NOT use this pad series for application purposes! Before you begin to apply finishes, make sure and switch to a solid Surbuf R Series pad without holes to prevent finishing materials from being sucked into the vacuum system of your machine. Pads are sold two per package. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.


Surbuf® HR9 Series
Price:  $17.95
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